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>>Tips for coming down with a cold (involves a cookie recipe)

>>>The New Moon

>>>>Yoga At least in Pittsburgh, it's been raining A LOT! A full two days straight then we got a little relief today. Not sure about you, but for me, consistent rain causes my sinuses to go nuts! In Ayurveda, we'd call this an abundance of Kapha energy (think cold & wet), and to balance that energy out I've been drinking a variety of spiced teas. Anywhere from Ginger & Turmeric to Cinnamon & Cloves. No one enjoys being sick, and I don't wish this upon anyone, but if you're feeling what I'm feeling and want a little support, I've got you. ::: First I want to throw out a few things to AVOID if you've got the snots & sniffles::: -Caffeine. Your body wants to rest, if you can grant it that sweetness, don't confuse it with caffeine. -Alcohol. Obviously. Throwing poison in your body isn't quite the best idea if we're trying to kickstart our healing. -Yogurt. I know, I know.... "but probiotics and good bacteria!", listen, the qualities of yogurt are cold & wet & heavy, which are the qualities of Kapha, which is what you currently have TOO much of in your body and why you're experiencing your sinus issues. In general, cut back on anything similar to yogurt just for the time being until your back in tip top shape! (dairy, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, etc.) -Sugar. I promise you, your body wants a little break from it anyways. -Processed Foods. When trying to heal, the body functions better on whole foods and can get back into action quicker. ::: Now, some things to FAVOR during this time of R&R <---that's #1 of course::: -Lemon Water. First thing in the morning. At room temperature. To get things moving. The lemon helps to start that cleansing process. -Spiced, herbal tea. As I mentioned earlier, to kick that Kapha (sniffles/congestion) to the curb, you've got to hit it with opposite qualities to ...balance... <3 Anything warm & drying can help to cleanse. (P.S. rather than reaching for peppermint (cool), try a tea with some chili powder (heating & just as opening for the sinuses). -Neti Pot. Run that saline water through your nostrils and gleefully watch all that gunk run right into the sink! This is good for prevention as well as temporary relief. (Side note: neti pot was one of the hardest things I've ever tried to get used to as it involved overcoming a deep fear- getting water up my nose! Eek! It's been a process but sometimes facing our fears is super healing in it's own) Side Side note: If you've not done it before, NO you do not get water UP YOUR NOSE. You work with the proper head tilt so that it comes right out the other side. But the fear is still there. -Cooked, Whole Foods. Not the best time to eat a cold salad if you have a COLD. Your momma knows best, eat some soup. Or some steamed veggies. -Chocolate. Yep. We'll allow a little caffeine here. Chocolate can have a drying effect in the body which may be beneficial to the sinuses. Dark, not milk chocolate. HERE is a guilt-free chocolate chip cookie recipe I found and made and LOVE so of course I want to share. P.S. I'm currently trying to cut out sugar, it's really hard, these cookies helped ;) -Diffuse Essential Oils. I've been favoring a blend of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and wild orange. But use whatever seems soothing to you. AVOID burning incense at this time. These things help me. Your healing may be completely different than mine and that's OK. Do what works for you. And if you've got any remedies you swear by, send them to me! I'd love to know! (Especially if they're passed down from Grandma or even further!) OK, MOVING ON.... NEW MOON Did you know it was a New Moon last night? Which means the sky was lit by only the stars. The Dark Moon, some might say. Whether you're into the moon and it's phases or not.... this is a good time to set some intentions! A good time to make some space in your home for the things and projects you want to be surrounded by. A time to de-clutter and clear out the unnecessary. We do this clearing and cleansing to make space for goals and accomplishments to come. We notice & work to break free of limiting mind sets so that to make space for clear, creative, intelligent thinking. Have you ever noticed when your mind is all over the place, your house tends to reflect that? Let's try the opposite, clean & organize and see if the mind follows suite.

NEW MOON RITUAL If you're feeling it, try these: -Clear off and wipe down a space that is special or sacred to you in some way. (A mantle, coffee table, night stand, wherever, just take a moment to clean it and honor it and the pleasure it gives you) Wipe off the things you keep on it. Place them in an uncluttered way. Take away anything that isn't serving you anymore, and maybe add something else that is. Saucha (cleanliness) and Mindfulness. -Sit in stillness and think about something you would like to put more time & effort into. Whether a project, or a relationship, or your own growth... write whatever it is down. Let this be your intention. Work towards this daily. -Drop the to-do list or the habitual thing-you-do-at-this-time-of-the-day and do something that makes your heart sing for a bit. (even just like 10 minutes!) You deserve it. It's also just a good practice to check in with yourself every once in a while and ask "What would really make my heart SING right now?! Is it this TV show I'm watching on Netflix??" Maybe. But maybe not. Just check in and see. -Meditate. Be still with yourself. The New Moon is a good time to go deep within. Explore what comes up. To quote an astrology article I've been reading for this moon cycle, "May this new moon encourage us all to love our flaws a little more and criticize ourselves a little less so that we can redirect that energy towards what is useful, regenerative, and supportive of our long-term growth." YOGA In my classes we've been exploring the elements. This week is AIR and is related to all things HEART. A little home practice for you!: (inspired by the Chakra Activation Deck) COBRA -Lay on your belly with hands under shoulders. Hug elbows into your sides. -INHALE: Begin to lift your chest up while lengthening the spine. Press the tops of your feet and thighs into the floor. Shoulders relaxed and (slightly bent) elbows hug into the side body. -EXHALE: Lower chest and chin to the floor. **Repeat for 10 rounds, paying lots of attention to the length of the breath. -After the last round, stack hands palms down and the your forehead rest of the backs of your hands. -Notice the warmth in the heart, arms, and hands. <3 Hey, thanks for being here and allowing me to share my thoughts & self with you. I appreciate the role you play in my life, however small or large. We've all got a little something to learn from each other. Most important is that we actually share it. Chat soon, Rachael

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