• Rachael Sands

Bring me back to Love

Full of joy & adventure after backpacking the Sods of Dolly in West Virginia

Bright eyes, big smiles, open sinuses... ahhh the love of Nature

New friends, authentic conversations, and belly laughs permeate around me

Life is wonderful

I take a step back into my chosen everyday reality

Laundry, dishes, sneezes and sniffles...

"Ugh, my sinuses always act up at home, I was fine out there!"

The same boring pictures on the television

Life is mundane

Wake up, go through the motions

Lights, crusty eyes, showers, work... life continues

The yoga mat calls upon my body and I surrender

Tightness, restraint... breathe, flow, ahh, stretch, opening

I gather back my energy and joy

Heart expands and shines in my chest

"Bring me back to love!" I say

I arise with a smile and adventure in my eyes once again

Adventure for this life I chose, all parts of it, that I love.

Love in my cleaning,

Love in my writing,

Love in my work,

Love in my grocery shopping,

Love in my cooking,

Love in my relationship,

Love in caring for my house plants, my home, and my body

Bring me back to Love,

and there is joy & adventure around every corner.

Bring me back to Love,

and vitality fills me once again clearing my airways.

Bring me back to Love,

and I dance through what was mundane making it an adventure once again.

Bring me back to Love,

Feel its presence & you will be filled.

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