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October New Moon Dreams


The wind is starting to get colder. I can tell I'm not the only one feeling it by how much time my cat is spending in his heated bed. Winter is inevitable.

Instead of succumbing to the dread of cold and boarding myself up in the house, sewing an electric blanket to my body.... I want to greet the shifting of the seasons with a bit more enthusiasm!

I take the phases of the moon pretty seriously. Not in a "my third house is in Libra therefore I will find money this month" kind of way. But in the way that I need as much inspiration & encouragement I can get to follow my dreams, work on myself, set goals & smash them, and feel a sense of being on the right path.

The New Moon is Thursday (10/19/17) and unlike the Full Moon (full of strong energies & wild children & abundant ER visits), it is a quieter time with low energy and inner reflection valued over expression. New Moon's are a time for planting seeds, setting intentions, making goals, whatever you want to call it, it's a good time to START something. The darkening crescent moon sky always helps to remind me that it's time to check in with myself.

Take time to set some intentions for yourself, your life, and for your greatest well-being. I often fall into this place of feeling cold and dry and snotty and downright unhappy with the fact that the season is changing. But I don't want that. I want to embrace the shift, ride the breeze, and soar into winter happy and healthy. So I figured I'd share with you my intentions for this moon cycle (culminating at the Full Moon on Nov. 4th). Hopefully inspiring you to set some intentions yourself, no matter how small or silly you think they may be.

1. Stay with nature. Observe the changes. Don't hide from the elements just because they're starting to get a little uncomfortable. Dress appropriately.

I will go hiking, pick up leaves, forage healing/edible plants, hang out on my new

patio, blaze up the fire pit, and watch the sunset. Simply dressing warmer is key here.

2. Eat produce the season is providing. Food is Medicine.

I've already cut up a mini pumpkin and a butternut squash, which were really hard and

totally foreign to me but I baked with them and loved it! I still want to try my hand at

cooking up some acorn squash and make a few of my favorite spaghetti squash recipes.

3. Stay on top of my health. Don't fall down the slippery snotty slope.

I will use my neti pot regularly. Anytime my nose feels a bit stuffy, or I wipe it with

my shirt, or my throat gets dry or I start sneezing - break out the neti. I'll make sure I'm getting the vitamins and nutrients I need from my food, but take a supplement if additional support is needed. I'm going to drink hot teas like Tulsi & Echinacea to boost my immune system. I want to do more yoga for myself, stretching & moving always feels good. Prevention is most important. Because once it hits you - you're down.

4. Plant the seed & do the advertising/preparation needed to host a Mala Making Workshop in November.

This is one of those goals that I want to be in full rolling momentum come the time of the Full Moon. By writing it out I'm more likely to make it happen!

5. Kick procrastination to the curb.

My boss at the flower shop always tells me "30 second rule!" when I forget to put the

ribbon back after making a bow. The idea is that if you can do it in 30 seconds (or get

started on it at least) that you just do it! Don't wait until later. When I take this

rule home with me, it's mind-blowing how much I can get done! And that's when I realize,

procrastination is the ultimate wet blanket of life.

-This includes fulfilling all my crafting ideas! Just start them!-

Every New Moon, heck - every morning - every new minute, you get a chance to change. To be the person you want to be. To do and say things you would be proud of yourself for. If you just need some inspiration & push to set some goals for yourself, take advantage of the dark moon. Take yourself seriously and use the building energy of the moon for the next two weeks to see what you can accomplish within and out! When the Full Moon on Nov. 3 shines down on you, you'll shine right back at it with pride & accomplishment with how you've grown.

Shine on Friends~

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