• Rachael Sands

Full Moon Flow

This week, on the 19th of July we will experience another big beautiful breathtaking full moon.

Full Moon = Moon Salutations! And we love moon salutations!

With all that high energy from the full moon, we find balance by doing a more calming, peaceful yoga practice. Cue the dimmed lights, incense, hip openers & Ommm's!

Full Moon's are the time to get back in touch with your self, your intentions, your emotions, your body's needs... sit quietly and really tune in to what YOU need.

This specific full moon in Capricorn is telling us to ground down, hard, take a good look at our destination desires, release any fears hanging around and go for them! I read a lot of articles around the full moon, MysticMamma being one of my favorites providing many perspectives from different sites & professionals.

A quote from the site...

"The Moon in Capricorn can be a reality check- of honestly seeing what the Truth is– in others, in ourselves and the world around us.

Painting pretty pictures over the not so pretty truth will not change things- but getting stuck in apathy or depression or anger because of the reality of things also won’t change things.

We are called to instead find a middle point- a place where we can see what is and still stay motivated to create what can be. We can see the shadow and also hold space for the Light."

Yoga can accentuate the good qualities being given to us by the full moon by recognizing where we want to go, setting our mantra or intention on this, allowing the embodiment of your desires, and taking the confidence gained on your mat out into life to make it happen.

This week in class, expect to tap into your building emotions. See them for what they are without judgement. Work through them and into a place of alignment with your hearts desires.

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