• Rachael Sands

Be Unapologetically You


Unapologetic : adjective

: not apologetic : offered, put forward, or being such without apology or qualification

You know them, the ones who have their beliefs and they will stand and fight for them until their very last breath. They know who they are and will not quiver under question or dispute.

On the contrary, you know them as well... the ones who will drink the kool aid if the rest of the room is drinking it even if it makes them want to hurl.

Let me be painfully honest here, I am on the opposite side of this coin most of the time. I'm the people-pleaser, the "I'll try anything once, then probably 3 more times after that even though I didn't like it from the start", the type who doesn't believe in abortion but wouldn't dare say anything to the well-educated pro-choice ladies in the room, the grin and bear it type just to avoid a tussle. That's me. In all my glory. Sometimes I think I'm this way because I can see and understand their point of view. I can find empathy in most situations. I don't want to hurt people or make them feel bad. But mainly I'm this way because I'm afraid to stand up for myself. Don't shoot me & my beliefs down, I may go home sad and start to question myself.

THIS is why this phrase means so much to me. It is something for me to see every day, to inspire me to stand up for myself and my thoughts & beliefs. And hopefully do the same for you. Contemplation of different view points is necessary, but I won't stay in limbo after contemplation, I will decide what feels right to me and claim it and stand up for it.

"If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for everything." Who knows who said it but boy is it true!


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