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Sands Flowing Into Life

This is my first blog. About my first website. About this life that I'm living and loving. This is something new I want to share with you, away from the social media world. A new way to express myself to like-minded people.

Join me on this adventure. Trying new things is something I'm no stranger at. If it's new and exciting to me and my heart bursts thinking about it... I do it. Creating my own website has been one of those things. (some of the others: yoga in the first place circa 2011, middle school and high school sports, archery class in college, billiards, the want to make flower arrangement therefore applying and getting a florist job, violin lessons as an adult with nothing but children in the studio because for some reason adults think they can't learn things like that past a certain age?, dancing wildly to live music, volunteering at festivals and camping solo, etc.) NEVER STOP LEARNING. NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE A BEGINNER AT SOMETHING. Remember first learning how to type?? Yeah, that sucked. Now look at you! You can be that way with anything!

Sands Flow is me putting everything I do and aspire to do in one place. I want to incorporate yoga, essential oils, Reiki, music, the outdoors, water, meditation, flowers, and pure joy in a way to share with you and support you wherever you are in this journey of life. These are the ways I find my flow. I want to help you find that flow in your life. It doesn't have to be through any of these things, but self-exploration is a good place to start. I want to help you learn how to listen to your heart to know what makes it sing and then have the courage to follow that song and that joyful flow. It can be anything! Dance, art, animals, gardening, motherhood, singing, programming (boyfriend), writing, surfing, snowboarding, guitar, driving (think street racing).. I don't care if it's in societal norms, or "safe", just do it. Be in the moment and enjoy every last second of it.

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